EyescreenTM, a marketing trademark of Cordlife Technologies Pte. Ltd., is a safe and non-invasive paediatric eye screening service for children aged between six months and six years. The test detects over 10 eye conditions such as strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye) using a device with photoscreening technology.

Eyescreen is administered by a certified optometrist and endorsed by a Senior Consultant Paediatric Ophthamologist, and complies with the American Academy of Paediatrics’ recommendation for timely eye screening in infancy and childhood to facilitate early detection and treatment of eye conditions.


Hearing is important to speech and language development and to learning. Checking your child’s hearing early can help prevent potential hearing issues such as delayed speech and learning development, a child’s confidence and social skills.

Earscreen can be done on children of all ages but we highly recommend it for children aged 6 months to 6 years because they are unable to express their hearing issues and are at the most critical developmental stage of their lives. The key to dealing with hearing loss is to detect it early and take the necessary steps to manage it. Click here to learn more about Earscreen.

Talent Screening

Early childhood development is key to raising healthy and successful children. As children learn and develop faster in the first few years of life, building a solid foundation for them during this period helps shape their lifelong health, educational achievement, economic success and happiness in life.

Every child is unique. Cordlife TALENT screening is a DNA testing service that uses cutting-edge technology to help you learn more about your child. Our insight reports will include information about your child in the key categories.