Daddy Lee

I am glad that Talent Screening validates my understanding of my daughter. I could see that she has been very good in art & craft and the test confirms that she has talent for creativity. Despite having interest in other areas such as music & sports, I noticed that she often gets out of tune during music lessons or hardly has any ball sense during play. Hence, it informs me that she needs improvements because her genetics in these areas are not strong.  Overall, I find it a very accurate test and allows me to diversify my finances and resources, to ensure that my daughter gets the right enrichments that she needs and enjoys.

Mummy Mitchelle H

One of my concerns in doing the genetic test was the tendency to pigeonhole the child according to the report findings. However, instead of typecasting, the report had a very positive vibe and included suggestions on how to build up areas that needed improvement and strengthen those areas that are more positive. The accuracy of the test is also good – some of the traits that we had discussed before were identified in the test results, which served to confirm our observations. The report also helped to expand our view on other possible areas that our kids can develop in, which we had not considered before.

The character traits included (e.g. stress tolerance, empathy, etc) are also very relevant in the current climate and it was the section that we were most curious about. It really served as a reminder to take care of our children’s mental well-being, especially in the areas they might be weaker in.

The sample collection process was easy with the clear instructions given. I also loved the little bits of fun information scattered across the report, it was nice discussing those bits of fun facts with my daughter. I would highly recommend doing the test, it can help you to view your child through a different set of lens!

Mummy Shane

I was very keen and decided to do the talent screening for both my 11-year-old and my 1-year-old hoping to use advanced technology to find out more about them. My elder boy’s result for the mathematical talent is accurate as seen in his school performance, which means I have to reinforce and spend more effort in improving his mathematics. Both boys are great in stress resistance and self-reflection and with such information, I am more aware in tailoring my parenting style accordingly to suit their character, which makes parenting more effective and enjoyable!

Mummy Tan

An interesting and easy test to discover the talents, character traits, and learning abilities of my children. Now I can focus on nurturing their talents, aid them in areas of weakness and properly handle their emotional needs

Mummy Lim

Mother of two boys aged 2 and 7

Nurturing the child’s talent is always like a guessing game because I wouldn’t know whether this is the right investment until he grows up! With Talent Screening, it helps to uncover my boy’s “hidden” talents and allows me to know better about his personality traits too. The test accurately revealed his strength on linguistics and mathematical talents while being a concerned parent with initial suspicions, his weaknesses were confirmed in the report and I know I need to help my child in a more active intervention. Overall, it shed a light on my parenting journey!

Mummy Winnie Y

So amazed by the DNA sample with Cordlife Talent Screening. Every child is indeed unique. Been always wondering which category of talent and character traits my child is in. The process of getting the DNA sample was so easy. I was so excited waiting for the results. From the results, we are able to know our child’s strengths and place our resources on the right channel.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results and it’s really amazing.