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Whole Red Ginseng

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  • Complete Energy and Vitality from a Whole Red Ginseng
    • Instead of using only the root, we uses the whole red ginseng – the fruit, leaves, stem and the root.
    • With only a sachet a day, it provides the active component of red ginseng which improves immunity, fatigue, blood circulation, memory and anti-oxidant.
  • New Origin’s Gimpo-Paju farm, Home of Korean Gaeseong Ginseng
    • Sourced Gaeseong ginseng known as the best medicine and renowned  for its medical efficacy in Goryeo and Joseon dynasties.
    • The cool climate and fertile soil provides the optimal environment for our carefully selected premium Gaeseong ginseng.
  • ‘Dual Ultra’ Technology which Maximizes the Saponin Content
    • Our own proprietary extraction technology which maximizes the saponin content over 1.2~1.8 times.


Recommended For:

  • Who needs energy and vitality
  • Who feel fatigue and lack of immunity
  • Who enjoys outdoor activities
  • Who needs to boost energy quickly during business trip or travel