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Whole Red Ginseng Kids Stick

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  • Complete Energy and Vitality from a Whole Red Ginseng
    • Uses 6-year whole red ginseng – leaves, fruits, stems and roots.
    • Sourced red ginseng carefully grown and harvested in Gimpo-Paju farm which has the best climate and fertile soil to grow premium red ginseng.
  • Soft and Sweet Jelly Specially Designed for Kids
    • Clear of artificial additives, we make this soft jelly with natural carragheenan from seaweed and agar.
    • Free of refined sugar – we only uses natural unrefined sugar and fruit extracts
  • Healthy Snack for Kid’s Immune System!
    • 5% of Red Ginseng Extracts (3mg of Ginsenoside) / 1 sachet
    • Improves kids’ immunity and fatigue


Recommended For:

  • Growing children from 4 to 13
  • Kids who feel fatigue from school life
  • Kids who don’t like red ginseng for its bitterness
  • Kids who have weak immune systems