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Estrition All-in-One

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  • Baeksuo Complex, the First and Only Safe Menopause Relief
    • Addresses women’s menopausal symptoms that persist for a decade from their late 40s.
    • Clinically proven to alleviate *10 menopausal symptoms.
    • Out of the 11 ingredients for menopause relief, Baeksuo Complex is the sole ingredient that does not bind to Estrogen receptors.

“10 menopausal symptoms improvement: hot flushes, dysesthesia, insomnia, nervousness, depression, dizziness, fatigue, muscle pain, dry vagina”.

  • Essential Nutrition: Vitamin D + Ginkgo Extract for Women in Menopause
  • Effortless Daily Care with a Convenient Dual-Packaging!


Recommended For:

  • Who needs menopausal solutions with a decline of Estrogen
  • Who suffers daily lives with low cognitive senses
  • Who eats meat-based and oily food daily